Our Process

Take a deep dive into the methodology we follow to ensure a smooth and thorough outsourcing process 



To Avoid the Disconnect

We understand your process thoroughly and provide the best met options of your practice to outsource. The process steps are mentioned below

Our Process

1. Initial catch up​

A free consultation to understand if we are the right fit for your practice

2. Introductory meeting

Understanding your expectations on how we execute Fin Support’s onboarding process. We work with you to identify your current processes in terms of your business and also IT security and infrastructure. The goal here is to ensure we can align your new staff member to your business

3. Business Process Meeting

This is when we discuss and agree on the tasks you will be outsourcing. We map out the process flows for each task at a high level and capture your preferences on how to do each of them. By the end of this meeting, we will be able to build our knowledge base specific to your practice

4.Staff Onboarding

We work with you to align the staff member to your practise and assist them along the way until they are able to work with minimal support

5. Ongoing Support

We work with your to continuously identify areas of improvement through regular review meetings. Ongoing product and strategy training is also provided to the staff member by Fin Support

6. Ongoing Review

Our mentors/quality control team ensures that the staff member adheres to our strict standards

The Fin Support Advantage

We understand the problem with the outsourcing process which is the disconnect between the outsourced resource. Our key service advantages help you overcome the problems caused 

Individually Trained Resources

We take the time to understand your processes and the outsourced resource is trained to avoid the disconnect

Specialised In Financial Services

We at Fin Support Australia have over 10 years experience in the finance industry