Our Story

One of the many benifits of outsourcing is having the peace of mind and freeing your valuable time

Why Sri Lanka

The Best Of

Fin Support Australia is a Sydney based company. Our outsourced staff are based in Sri Lanka. We understand the struggle with finding the right talent to outsource. We identify your specific requirements and train the employee to avoid the disconnect brought about the outsourcing process

Being born and raised in Colombo has provided me with a unique ability to manage and source staff of the highest quality. Having lived and worked in Sri Lanka for 25 years before moving to Sydney has helped me to appreciate the high standards maintained in Sri Lankan corporates and the excellent talent pool from which we can source the best candidates for the job. 

  • Strong availability of English-speaking university graduates as potential staff
  • The accent is easy to understand and is clear
  • Finance, IT and legal professionals with globally recognised professional designations
  • Excellent telecommunications infrastructure
  • State-of-the-art facilities with provision for future ramp-up
  • Work culture conducive to Australian corporate standards 

Our Mission

"To become Australias preferred professional outsourcing company providing high quality and innovative services for Australian businesses to grow and prosper"

Our Vision

Our Story

I am a practising financial planner and the best thing about my job is the time I spend talking to my clients and the time I spend coming up with the best possible strategy for them. Research, documentation and ultimately SOA writing is time consuming work that is taking away from the time we spend doing what we love. Whether it’s new business or existing client work, your outsourced team can free up your Aussie team to better serve your clients.

As we all know, gone are the days where you can rock up to a house and sign up a client with just a few signatures and off we go. Things are getting expensive. Being a planner myself it was becoming apparent that the amount of time that it takes to write up an SOA, draw up a strategy, research insurance or simply comparing super funds takes a lot longer than it used to. Depending on the licensee you work for, it could be 2 or even 3 times longer.

The royal commission has come and gone and we are now rebuilding trust in the industry. We all provide advice but we all do it in different ways.

By my estimation there’s over 20 outsourcing para planning and admin companies in Australia right now. The number will only grow as the demand for the service becomes greater. Having worked with outsourced Admin staff and Paraplanners I came to know the Strengths and Weaknesses of the process. The biggest plus for me was cost. You can save up-to 50% or more in wages from using the service. The most obvious downside with the lovely people I worked with was the disconnect. They had some knowledge but felt like an outsider to the rest of the team and didn’t seem to understand what we needed and why we needed it.

We bridge this gap by having a unique onboarding process that provides a real human touch. Our service begins at the head hunting stage. We seek to understand your needs and the requirements for the person you are trying to recruit. We take care of the recruitment process and ensure training is up-to the highest possible standard.

The Fin Support Advantage

We understand the problem with the outsourcing process which is the disconnect between the outsourced resource. Our key service advantages help you overcome the problems caused 

Individually Trained Resources

We take the time to understand your processes and the outsourced resource is trained to avoid the disconnect

Specialised In Financial Services

We at Fin Support Australia have over 10 years experience in the finance industry